Lawn sprinkler timers are essentially the “brain” of your irrigation system. They tell your valves or zones when to turn on or off, and for how long to run.

If your digital timer has no power, it could be a failure in the circuit board in which case you will probably need to replace that timer – or it could simply be a blown fuse or a transformer failure. In that case, we can repair the timer for you and your sprinkler timer will likely work fine for a few more years.

Whether your lawn sprinkler system needs a new, rebuilt or replacement timer, Sprinkler World’s well-stocked inventory will ensure that we have whatever part is necessary to fix your sprinkler system.

Broken Timer?

We can fix it!
Our Master Clock Tech is located at our Indian School Location. You can bring the unit to any of our stores and we will get it to him promptly!

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