With serious drought occurring in the United States with alarming frequency, drip tape is quickly becoming the number one solution for crop irrigation. This method of irrigation maximizes plant growth and crop production by delivering water and nutrients directly to the root zone saving you time and water while being efficient and economical.

Designed for equal water distribution making longer rows possible, drip tape is ideal for low-pressure systems and works effectively in both above-ground and sub-surface applications which means that you can water more ground while reducing the number of zones and the overall cost of your system.

Sprinkler World supplies cost effective drip systems for row crops. Whether you are new to drip or a seasoned veteran, you will appreciate our high-quality products and their use in market gardening as well as commercial agricultural irrigation.

Drip Tape comes in a variety of thicknesses and flow rates to offer you the best performance for your specific needs. The Sprinkler World team is well-informed and happy to work with you on complete system design. Great pricing too!

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